Master Zhu in Lotus Wellness Center in Hua Hin

Zhu Heting, whose Taoist monastic name is Xuan Hezi, is a renowned international expert in health care, traditional Chinese medicine and food therapy. He is also a specialist in philosophy, martial arts, metaphysics and a Taoist calligraphy. Mr. Zhu is the Honorary President and Special Adviser of the Chinese Senior Citizen Culture Exchange Community.

Moreover, he is the chairman of the traditional medicine and health care community, the president of Martial arts Federation and the Chinese Wulin Calligraphy Assiociation. Mr. Zhu was born in a Confucius, Buddhism and Taoism family in Qinghai, Shandong. His grandfathers were the doctor of Chinese traditional medicine and the military examination graduate. His father, Xuan Zhongzi, was the Laoshan senior Taoist priest and his mother was the Buddhist priest. Zhu Heting was well-educated in Taoist health care, traditional Chinese medicine, Taosim, metaphysics and martial arts.

He had been a lecturer in the university and devoted himself in science research in scientific research institutes for decades. The secret prescription passed down from his family called “Hedan”was awarded the third prize of National Sports Science and Technology in 1985. “Laoshan Taoist drinks”was honored with the Golden Prize of the National High Quality Health Care Product in 1991. “Eight Immortals Drinks”got the Golden Prize of the first Chinese Special Administrative Region Health Care Exhibition in 1994.

“Crane Drinks”was recommended by the National Science and Technology Community to take part in the Brussel International Exhibition and Hong Kong Industry and Technology Export Fair twice. Zhu Heting was invited to give lectures in Europe and Japan by the National Technology Community and Sports Community in 1970s. Then he was permitted to stay in Hong Kong in 1980s by the Chinese government. He was often invited to give lectures in more than twenty countries, including the USA, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, the UK, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Philippine, Australia and so on.

Master Zhu in Lotus Wellness Center in Hua Hin

During his visits, he helped to cure diseases of govecountries. For example, Dr. Henry Kotz, the director of UNESCO, could only walk with a walking stick and though he wanted to walk straightly, he could not help walking to the right hand side automatically. Checked by the United Nations health organization in Geneva, there were two shadows existing in his brain. Dr. Henry visited doctors in developed countries such as the USA, the UK and Germany. However, no one can cure his disease.

He was told by a French doctor that he could not live without a walking stick. Then he was introduced to Mr. Zhu by the chief representative of China in the United Nations and could walk freely without the walking stick anymore after the treatment. Mr. Zhu cured the Vertigo disorder of Eijikman, the president of the United States in the Asia-pacific region. He cured the wife of the president of the Bulgarian Labor Party, who once had no body fluid and no sweat.

He helped the daughter of Porsche in Germany, who had walking difficulties because of her leg length discrepancy. The dean of Futian Hospital, locating in Tokyo, Japan, was once paralyzed but recovered under the treatment of Mr. Zhu. He could walk gradually from relying on his wife to walking independently and shook his hands with Mr. Zhu to express his gratefulness.

Master Zhu in Lotus Wellness Center in Hua Hin

The wife of the dean from Guiyou Hospital, Japan, was unwilling to eat because of her lung cancer. She recovered to do exercises and wrote a lucky spell for Mr. Zhu. Mr. Zhu also cured the high blood pressure of Chawali, the prime minister of Thailand. Moreover, he saved lives of officials from the Chinese government. In recent years, Mr. Zhu has been invited to give lectures covering health care, medicine, philosophy and metaphysics for related government departments, universities, enterprises and public institutions.

He was interviewed by CNN of the United States, BBC of the UK, NHK of Japan, Huayu Television, Fenghuang Television, CCTV and so on for many times. Furthermore, he had seminars for Celebrities Forums of Shandong, Guangdong TV and so on. A special report in People’s Daily complimented Mr. Zhu as “the treasure to be dug out” and “the man with a golden key of life”.

For decades, Mr. Zhu has served the society and kept on writing at the same time. More than 50 books were written by him, covering from health care to calligraphy, which were translated into English and Japanese. What’s more, he was invited to write columns called the Legend of Xuan Hezi, Ways to be healthy, Healthy Diets, Su Nv Xuan Nan, Listening and Hearingand so on. Mr. Zhu was written into the Inquiry Dictionary of Chinese Senior Doctors, the Dictionary of Modern Chinese Martial Artist and the fourth Chinese version of Celebrities in the World.

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