China Baopu Valley | Traditional Chinese Medicine Wellness + Tourist Leisure Resort

Project Achievements

With completed investment of 190 million yuan, Baopu Valley Sport Cultural Park covers an area of 12 million m2, and has been in succession awarded ‘Chinese Herbal Cultural Heritage Protection Base’, ‘China Traditional Cultivation Culture Education Demonstration Base’, ‘China Forest Wellness Base’, ‘Hubei Culture Industry Demonstration Base’, ‘Hubei TCM Wellness Tourism Demonstration Project’, ‘Hubei Key Leading Enterprises in Forestry Industrialization’, ‘Hubei Silver Tourist Homestay’ and ‘National 3A Class Scenic Spot’.

Project Positioning

To develop into a National Traditional Chinese Medicine health tourism base with agriculture-fitness, Chinese Medicine wellness, nature-cultivation and nourishing heart with culture. In Song Dynasty there’s a poem: Southeast is attraction of Men of letters since ancient times, Tongbai Mountain front the Huai River is in spring. The park is right in the place the poem writing about——Erdao River Village, West of Huai River Town, Sui County, locates in the junction of Hubei and Henan Province, Tongbai Mountains. As a Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness industrial park in the new tourism formats with Traditional Chinese Medicine health tourism, ecological tourism, cultural tourism and so on, Baopu Valley Wellness and Health Care Park is named from Laozi’s thought ‘stay simple, stay true’. We position to create a National Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Base with wellness, recuperation basing on traditional Chinese medicine and the idea of health.

Project Strengths

1. Abundant natural resources
Baopu Valley Wellness and Health Care Park is in the headstream of China’s Huai River as well as the north and south climate intermediate belt, where there’s plenty of natural resources.

01 Air

The climate is perfect with abundant rainfall, four distinctive seasons and animals and plants of south and north assembling here. The vegetation coverage is more than 90% and the negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter is as high as 47,800. This is a natural oxygen bar.

02 Water

The natural mountain spring water here is as limpid as fairy’s eye, and contains rich human-beneficial mineral trace elements. There are two key factors for why the Longevity village of Bama, Guangxi, is suitable for wellness and longevity, air quality and the high content of strontium in drinking water. Strontium can improve immunity. In Longevity village, the content of it in water is 0.59%, while it is 0.83% in Baopu valley.

03 Wild traditional Chinese medicine

According to historical records, Tongbai mountains was treasury of Chinese medicinal materials resources in history. More than 1000 kinds of animal, plant and mineral resources of Chinese medicinal materials are found here, with over 60 just rare and local varieties including Gastrodia, Dendrobium, Eucommia, etc. The local Chinese medicinal materials here have not only abundant varieties and a great amount of production, but also strong and continued effect and full function. Among we have found a large amount of the wild Cephalotaxus (Taxaceae) are anti-cancer and work effectively on treating Leukemia and lymphoma.

04 Mountain Landform

At an altitude of 670 meters, the Park locates in the north of Tongbai Mountain where there are lots of valleys. Inside the project, mountain, forest and water combine together organically, enhancing each other’s beauty. Valleys are formed from the up-and-down mountains, helping the Park enjoy exceptional advantages to build forest fitness trails.

05 Beautiful Starry Glowworm

Baopu Valley Wellness and Health Care Park is a modern-day Shangri-la, a Pure Land without any industry or air pollution. During the day, mountains stretch to the end of horizon; sky is as azure as jewel, extremely bright and clean, with clouds relaxing. At night, with starry sky and dancing glowworms, especially in summer during July and August, there will be glowworms at most forming a Milky Way near the mountainside streams, which is such a wonder of the world. ‘The amazingly beautiful starry sky in middle China’ kept people linger and forget to go back.

06 Massive Cultural Resources

Baopu Valley is the 36th Sky and 44th Land of Taoism, native land of Shennong, hometown of chimes and Pangu, shrine of Buddhism and Taoism, and treasury for retreat. Gui Guzi and Zhang Liang had ever lived in seclusion here.

07 Convenient Transportation

The distance from Baopu Valley is 260 km to Wuhan and Zhengzhou, 78 km to Suizhou, 76 km to Xinyang High-speed rail station, 3 km to Huai River Exit of Sui-Yue Highway. With 312 and 316 national roads, Han-Dan and Xi’ning railways, Han-Shi, Sui-Yue and Hu-Shan highways passing through, the transportation here is very convenient.

Complete Infrastructures

01 Garden Gourmet

Baopu Valley insists the idea of returning to nature and uniting man and nature. The organic vegetable base is as large as 333,800 m2. With no pollution from pesticide or chemical fertilizer here, we guarantee that the food is healthy and safe. Restaurant has everything you may expect to find, including healthy stews such as Stewed Stick-bone with Root of Kudzu Vine, Stewed Pigeon with Gastrodia Tuber, Fried Dough Twist with Moxa Leaf, Crispy Fried Lamb Chops, Grilled Chicken and nutritious drinks like Wild Chrysanthemum Tea, Wild Mulberry Wine, Raspberry Wine, etc. Eat ‘wildly’, drink healthily.

02 Leisure Accommodation

Baopu Valley has more than 80 Tao wellness rooms, 8 forest wooden villas and 20 guesthouses. The designs in and out of the buildings are all by the idea of nature, ecology, return to simplicity and retire from city life.

03 Business Conference

Aerial View
Distinguished from traditional sightseeing tourism, we create featured health tourism and new-style Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness cultural tourism, and focus on developing forest health care tourism and TCM wellness cultural brand. Based on forest health care tourism, traditional cultivation culture, Tao culture and TCM culture, Baopu Valley merges relaxation, vocation, sightseeing, experience, fitness and wellness together to build a wellness and health care base with agriculture-fitness, TCM wellness, nature-cultivation and nourishing heart with culture.

Wellness Items

Pu-Bath, Fire Dragon Moxibustion, Magnetic Jar Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Guasha, Tuina Massage, Fitness Qigong

Traditional Chinese Medicine Wellness Tour
Baopu Valley built the ‘Pu Bath’ Wellness Center by the fusion of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist wellness concepts with items as medicated bath, foot bath, moxa-moxibustion, steaming, Chinese massage and so on. We’ve exploited secret recipes for baths with local medicinal materials, including Yang-Benefit with Ginger and Moxa Bath, Damp and Heat Clearing Bath, Three Highs Cooling and Refreshing Bath, Muscle and Tendon Relaxing Bath and Wuhe Tongsheng Bath. Come and take a bath in Baopu Valley, then all your fatigue will be relieved. How comfortable! A bath can bring you relaxing and health.

Pu Bath

Located on south of the Tongbai Mountain, Sui County, Hubei Province, China, Baopu Wellness Base is one of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Heritage Protection Base, where grows over 700 species of rare wild herbal plants such as wild Chinese Yew, Ganoderma, Golden butterfly, Pteroceltis tatarinowii, Fortunearia sinensis, Boxwood, etc. The key developing medicated bath products of the Base, ‘Pu Bath’ series, are developed and compounded by collecting the superior wild Chinese herbals in Baopu Valley Base.

Fire Dragon Moxibustion

The material for Fire dragon moxibustion is wild moxa blending with several wild Chinese herbals from Baopu Valley. This moxibustion supplies tepidity to stimulate meridian points and qi-blood circulation, dispelling disease with fire. It helps to achieve the purpose of health care by dispelling wind and cold, removing stasis, relieving pain and inflammation and promoting the regeneration of the histocyte.

Magnetic Jar Moxibustion
This is a therapy setting fumigating, scraping, ironing, dotting, pressing, kneading, pushing and cupping in one. With the tepidity and smog from the burning moxa cone going through the main and collateral channels, Magnetic jar moxibustion can warm up channel and clear damp, regulating Qi and blood, harmonize Yin and Yang, strengthen the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors so that to cure and prevent disease and keep health.

Acupuncture is a unique therapy in China. It a treatment of ‘curing inside disease from outside’ by some specific manual techniques working on channels and acupoints to treat the whole body’s diseases.

Guasha (Scraping)
Guasha is a therapy using tools to scrape channels and acupoints, stimulating the Qi of Ying and Wei to give full play in body, make the meridian points congestive to improve the local circulation, remove the pathogens, dredging the meridians, relaxing tendons, regulating Qi, dispelling wind and cold, cleaning heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and relieving swelling and pain, so that to boost immunity, strengthen the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors and prevent and cure disease.

Tuina (Chinese Massage)
Chinese massage, Tuina, mainly has functions of relaxing muscles and tendons, dredging blocked channels, smoothing tendons and reduction, activating circulation of Qi and blood, removing stasis and so on. With the changing technique in strength, duration, frequency and direction while massaging the body, Tuina can coordinate viscera.

Baduanjin Exercise
Baduanjin exercise is a set of eight or eight-group actions, as well as a mutual-conditioned and interconnected relation of eight factors. In Shuo Wen Jie Zi, the word ‘Jin’ is made up by ‘Jin’ and ‘bo’, which mean exquisite and gorgeous. In short, Baduanjin means a collection of eight different essential actions.

There is no related data telling that by whom and when Baduanjin was found so far, but it is traceable since Song dynasty and perfected in Qing. The gymnastics helps to coordinate viscera, Qi and blood, dredging the meridians, recovering metabolism and keep fit. The whole set of actions is gentle and continuous, smooth and fluent, loose but tight, active while motionless, helping to improve the fluency of Qi, set bones and soft tendons. It is always popular with people; and it’s one approach for wellness masters in all generations.
Practicing the Qigong, Baduanjin, can not only magically keep yourself in good health, but also exercise all parts of your body.

Five Moves of Standing Exercise for Strengthening Yang
Strengthening Yang is to help people to gain enough Yang-qi and health; Five moves include standing still, holding the ball, harmony, backing to origin and circling, which are beneficial for body building, Yang strengthening, essence enriching, Qi tonifying and refreshing.

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