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California teen to be featured on new film about Vidant’s wellness center

Los Angeles — California’s first-ever pediatrician and an outspoken proponent of young people’s health care needs will be featured in the new film by the Center for Youth Wellness and Fitness.

The movie, titled Vidant’s Vigor, will tell the story of the clinic, which opened in the city’s Mission District in 2017 and serves about 150 youth.

Cynthia Folsom, a pediatrician who helped launch Vidant in 2018, said her clinic is dedicated to promoting the wellness of kids and their families, and is not just focused on health care for children.

Vidsan’s focus on youth and families is why the movie is so important to her, Folsam said.

“Vidance is about the people who are helping these kids and families to get healthy,” Folsaman said.

“They’re not just doctors.

They’re the people that are working with the kids and helping them with their health care.”

The film, set to open in early 2019, is being directed by Laura Eiswert, a former Vice President for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and an expert on childhood trauma.

Folsom and Eiswarert are working together on the film.

Folsman said she was approached by the center last year about the role of the pediatrician, and the couple was able to secure her as a consultant.

In a statement, the center said that Folsim was “deeply honored to have the opportunity to appear in Vidant and work on this project.”

The movie will focus on Folsos family.

It was directed by former Vice Pres.

John Klineberg, who was nominated for a 2017 Academy Award for Best Director for his “Dawn,” about the search for Dawn, a missing 17-year-old girl.

The movie, which is scheduled to open at the end of this month in Los Angeles, centers on a group of friends who meet at Vidant to discuss how to protect and care for young people.

While the movie focuses on Folesom’s family, it also tells the story about the clinic.

Follsom and her husband, David, are two of the first people Vidant opened in Los Feliz, a neighborhood that is about 20 minutes south of the city center.

They were able to open the clinic because they had a parent with a health condition who was too sick to go to work, so the clinic helped the young person.

As the clinic grew, Follsoms children developed pneumonia and other health issues, and Folsoms husband developed depression and bipolar disorder.

She is now in therapy and works in a nursing home.

Folsoms father died of a heart attack in his early 30s.

Her husband and son died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease and were buried in a mass grave.

After she learned about Vidant, Folloms said, she began working with her husband on his personal care plan and began taking a more holistic approach to her children’s health.

She said her son’s symptoms have improved, and she has noticed changes in her daughter.

According to the center, Vidant was one of the few health centers in Los Altos when it opened in 2020.

The clinic’s first three years served as a “community health hub,” which is the term that the center uses to describe a facility that provides services to a specific neighborhood.

Vidant had two more open after its closure in the spring of 2018, and it serves about 100 people.

It closed again last month.

When asked if she thought the center had succeeded in its mission, Folesam said she had no idea.

“I think that’s why I’m so proud of it,” Folesum said.