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Army wellness center launches in California

Business Insider US – Army wellness centers have opened in California and the UK, marking the latest step in the growing Army health care industry.

The new centers, the first of their kind, are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and will provide healthcare workers with health and wellness training.

“This is a huge opportunity for us as we work with our Army wellness partners to make sure our Army members have the health and fitness they need to lead and thrive in a world where more and more Americans are losing their jobs,” Lt.

Gen. John E. Ritter, assistant secretary for health and well-being, said in a statement.

“These new Army wellness facilities will help us meet the needs of our nation’s most active soldiers.”

The Army also launched a health and wellbeing center in the Philippines last year, and opened one in New York City this year. 

The Army wellness programs were designed to support military members who have experienced stress or other health issues, according to the statement. 

“Health and wellness are essential for military leaders and service members to perform their duties with integrity and dignity,” the Army said in the statement, adding that it was excited to expand its military wellness program to include its healthcare workforce. 

Currently, the Army is looking for additional health care professionals to join the program, according, and it will work with health care providers and other agencies to develop a “best practices guide” for military wellness programs. 

 “We look forward to working with health services providers to ensure the programs are delivering the highest quality of care,” said Ritter.