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Trump Administration: NDU wellness center to receive $8.5M in federal grant to expand health care coverage

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that the Department of Health and Human Services will award a $8 million grant to a new, publicly-traded wellness center at the University of Mississippi, one of a number of efforts that will be rolled out under the President’s proposed $1 trillion “Infrastructure Reinvention Plan.”

The U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Minority Health are also supporting the development of the Center for Alternative, Health and Community Innovation, which was first announced in March and has been expanded in recent months.

The Center will provide training and technical assistance to state health departments and local health departments, and provide health information, health education and community outreach.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which is also supporting several other initiatives, has provided a $2 million grant for the project.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing a $4.5 million grant, and the National Institutes of Health is providing $5.2 million to help expand the Center, which will be based in Mississippi.

The White House announced that its proposed infrastructure investment plan will fund $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments and improve the nation’s infrastructure.

The plan would create 10 million new jobs and $6 trillion in economic growth.

Trump and his administration have said that the infrastructure plan will create a $1,000 income boost to every American, and that the center will provide health care and wellness training for the unemployed and people with disabilities.

“By expanding access to health care, the Center will give all Americans access to the healthcare and wellness services they need to make good choices and get back on their feet,” the president said.

“This new Center will be a model for other states and other federal partners to follow.

The new Center’s new staff, workforce and infrastructure will give Mississippi an opportunity to expand access to healthcare and the wellness services needed to stay on the path to a better health for all Americans.”