How the NFL’s Children’s Hospital and Children’s Play Center plan to keep players alive

The NFL and the Children’s Health and Hospital Services (CHS) have announced plans to keep active players healthy and active for years to come.

According to a memo released Tuesday, the league and CHS are teaming up on two new “children’s health” initiatives that will work together to help children across the country stay active and active-loving.

“Our goal is to provide the right care to kids, with the right support and the right resources, to keep them healthy and happy throughout their lives,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in the memo.

The teams will be collaborating on the “Children’s Health” initiative, which will provide medical care for children who need it and help develop programs to help ensure they are in the best position to thrive as adults.

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And the league said it will partner with CHS to “increase access to medical care” for children and teens across the U.S. “Our commitment to these efforts will grow as our players and teams continue to grow, as the National Football League continues to evolve,” Goodell said.

While this is an exciting development, the two initiatives aren’t necessarily the same as the Childrens Health initiative, Goodell said, and it’s up to CHS and the NFL to figure out how to work together.

In addition to the new initiatives, the NFL and CHC have also announced plans for more research and innovation to help improve the care of players.

There will be a dedicated research team dedicated to developing a better understanding of the effects of injury on the brain and the effects on players and coaches, according to the memo, which also includes the creation of a new advisory board to advise the NFL on how to improve health and safety.

“We look forward to a continued collaboration and collaboration with our partners, including our CHS partners, to advance the research, health and wellness goals of the NFL,” Goodell wrote.

“We believe this collaboration is in the interest of our players, the children and the communities they serve.

We will continue to work with our teams to keep our players healthy, active and in good physical and mental condition.”