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Conservative group to open Piedmont Wellness Center in Pied-Mont

The National Piedmonicum Foundation is launching a nonprofit center in Pickedle Hill, Iowa, to provide access to health care services and support for the community.NPDF, which has been a sponsor of the Iowa Democratic Party since its founding in 1998, is partnering with the PiedMonicum Foundation to establish the center, which will provide medical, mental health and substance abuse services to residents and visitors of PiedMONicum.

The center is slated to open in early 2018.

Piedmont has long been known as a health and wellness center, and its proximity to the Pickedlegills National Wildlife Refuge has helped it become a magnet for the local community.

Pickedle Hills resident John Waggoner said he is thrilled to have the center open in the community where he grew up.

“We’ve always been a very small community, and now we’ve got this beautiful opportunity to be part of something that is helping the community,” he said.

Paid moniamunds foundation has also established a fund that will provide support to the community to support local businesses and support the PIEDMONISCANIA program.

“It’s been really inspiring for me to see the impact that the PICKLES have on the community, that they have such a big impact on the lives of people, and the PIO has a big influence on our lives,” said NPDF Vice President for Government Affairs Jim Farr.

“So, we’re thrilled to be able to do this.”

For more information on the PIA and PIEDMUNICON, visit www.piedmontwellnesscenter.com