How a health care startup transformed the wellness center industry

A new startup is transforming the wellness industry.

It is called Draw Health, a company that allows patients to pay for a wellness center to be run by a team of doctors and nurses.

This is a big step forward in the field, said Dina Einav, CEO of Draw Health.

She hopes to transform the wellness field in Israel by focusing on what makes it so valuable.

“The best thing about wellness centers is they are designed to treat people in the community, which makes them great for the economy,” Einav said.

“I think that there are some patients in the wellness sector that need help, but they need help.

We need people to come in, we need to help them to make their own decisions, and we need the people who have that to come and give them support.”

Einav said the company has already started to hire doctors and nurse practitioners, which is something that many other companies don’t have.

She said Draw Health plans to expand the service to other countries.

She said there is no shortage of medical and nursing specialists in Israel.

“If we want to have a good quality of care in Israel, we have to find people who are qualified and we have got to get them trained,” she said.

She added that there is a shortage of doctors, and doctors are also the primary care providers in Israel and abroad.

She also noted that the healthcare system is aging, so the demand for doctors and nursing professionals is increasing.

Draw Health will offer its service through a smartphone app, which will allow patients to set up appointments and pay for wellness centers.

She expects to have 50 centers available in the first half of 2020.

Einav also said the startup is planning to offer health centers in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem, and expects to expand to other cities in the coming months.

Draw health is part of a trend in the Israeli healthcare industry.

Many healthcare companies have begun offering wellness services, which have made their way into the market, according to Einav.

The wellness industry is booming, she said, but it is not without risks.

The government has not set up regulations that will ensure a healthy environment for patients.

The lack of proper training and supervision is one of the biggest problems, she added.

“I think the people in this field are in a very precarious situation, but I think that they have a lot of support,” Eaws said.

Draw Health will be working closely with the health care providers to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

She believes that this industry will continue to grow.

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