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When the sun rises: Phoenix wellness center closes after nearly a year

The Phoenix-based Phoenix wellness care center (PHC) has shut its doors following an “unexpected” increase in customers and the cost of the facilities operating equipment.

The facility’s owners have been dealing with rising costs, according to the owners, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution from health care providers who are demanding that they close.

In January, the owner of the PHC, Phoebe O’Donnell, and her husband had planned to open a new facility in the area of 11th and S, where they plan to sell their existing wellness center.

But due to the increased demand, they decided to close.

The owner said that while there was a chance they could reopen at a later date, the situation made it impossible.

According to the owner, the owners had planned on starting a new wellness center in the future.

“We had an offer for a new location that we considered but that’s all been turned down.

The price has skyrocketed and there’s no room for a lot of our staff to stay.

We’re literally in a race against the clock to get it up,” the owner said.

“I’m really frustrated.

I can’t afford it anymore.”

The owners say that they were forced to close the facility because the cost to operate the PHCs equipment increased, which means the facility will no longer be able to service the needs of the customers who rely on it.

The PHCs owners say they are working on a plan to reopen the facility in a few months.

But the owners of the wellness center are not the only ones who have struggled with rising healthcare costs.

As we reported earlier this year, a number of PHCs in the Phoenix area have closed due to rising healthcare expenses, including the Phoenix Medical Center, the Phoenix-area Medical Center and Phoenix Health Health.

Healthcare experts say that the rising costs of healthcare are causing some health care facilities to close, which has resulted in a significant increase in healthcare costs for residents and providers of healthcare services.

The cost of health care has grown to a point where many hospitals have cut back on their staffs to help cover the increase in medical costs, which could potentially lead to more costs being incurred. 

Many hospitals have also begun to reduce their staff numbers, with the reduction in staffing likely having an effect on the cost-of-living in many communities.

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