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How to make the perfect Voodoo dance party

Voodoo dances are often a fun way to spend the day in a fun, relaxing setting.

But what if you could get them to dance for you?

It’s a simple process and if you’re not used to dancing in a public space, you might not be ready for a dance party in the home.

Here’s how to make your own dance party.1.

Buy the best equipment The best equipment is crucial.

You can buy expensive, noisy and/or expensively-made dance floors but that won’t help you.

A good quality dance floor can cost less than $200.2.

Choose a suitable location A dance party is a social event and you need to make sure your location is comfortable for everyone involved.

You should find a dance space where you can all have fun.

It can be a private home, a business or a public park.3.

Bring your friends The best way to make a Voodoo party is to invite friends and have them join you.

You don’t need to bring everyone together to a party but it can help if you have more people around.4.

Choose an appropriate time and place To find the perfect time and location for your party, you need a few things: an appropriate venue, a place for people to gather, a sound system and a dance floor.

The sound system should be at least 20 metres away from the party and ideally 50 metres away.5.

Create an appropriate settingThe ideal location for a VooDoo party is the bathroom, an outdoor area or an outdoor kitchen.

You might be tempted to go for a place with a view of the ocean, a view from a balcony or a view over the water.6.

Create a themeThe best way for your Voodoo dancing to start is with a theme.

If you have a Vulture theme you might create a Voodoo themed dance party, or a Vampy themed party.7.

Add decorationsIf you have an outdoor patio or an indoor terrace, make sure the decor is appropriate for the occasion.

For a Voomy themed dance, have a big Voodoo tent or a large Voodoo mirror with a huge Voodoomy mirror on top.8.

Make sure everyone gets to their seatThe party should start in the open and everyone should be able to come and go as they please.

It might be a good idea to ask everyone to sit down to enjoy the music.

This can be difficult to do when you’re using a larger venue.9.

Use the right equipmentIt’s important to have good sound, lights and a good dancing floor for the VooDJ.

For this you need: a good sound system to make noise with, a good dance floor with a good space, a suitable dance floor for a good time, a dance area with a decent view, a proper sound system with a sound deck, a speaker system and good lighting.10.

Keep the dance floor safeVooDJs are trained to use their equipment to make music and to help others get to the dance.

They’re not supposed to be dancing naked in front of everyone and if someone gets hurt they’ll need to be treated.