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What the Phoenix Suns have to say about the coronavirus scare

The Phoenix Suns are facing their second coronaviruses scare of the season after a deadly coronaviral pandemic swept through the Midwest and Northeast.

The team is in a tough spot with the season just beginning after they fell to the New York Knicks by 10 in the third quarter of their first game since Jan. 11.

They had hoped to continue their season, but were forced to shut down their practice and home games after the pandemic.

It is unclear if they will be able to resume.

Here is what the Suns said about the recent health scare:The Suns have been extremely proactive about monitoring the condition of their players and players are receiving regular treatments to ensure their health and well-being.

There are currently no additional players with respiratory illness, but a number of players are feeling better and we will continue to monitor those players.

The team will keep a close eye on the players’ health and is committed to continuing to ensure all of our players are fully healthy.