3rd-graders can take the next step in their health with yoga: study

A third-grade classroom class in Iowa is teaching children to meditate, listen and learn.

It’s a first for the school, which is focusing on teaching children the basics of health and wellness.

The classes, led by the Iowa Health and Human Services Department, are meant to give children an opportunity to explore their inner selves and connect with other people, said Amy Brown, a preschool teacher at the Kaleo Ranch Elementary School in Ames.

They’re also designed to prepare children for a healthier future.

The goal is to get kids to the point where they’re able to take care of themselves and take care with their health, Brown said.

The class is called Yoga for Kids.

It’s part of a larger program called Kids in Health Education, which aims to develop more of an understanding of the wellness of kids.

The curriculum at Kaleos Ranch Elementary is geared toward kids from ages 7 to 12, according to Kaleojac.

The school’s new yoga program is part of an effort to build an understanding about the health of children.

The new class is designed to help kids who are struggling with chronic illnesses, such as asthma, ADHD, diabetes, asthma and allergies, said Kimberly Dennison, the principal of the school.

“We’ve been able to give our kids this kind of awareness of the things that are causing their health issues and how they can get better,” she said.

Some kids who have trouble getting enough sleep or feel unwell, or have trouble paying attention, might benefit from this class, Brown added.

“I think the kids who come into our yoga classes are going to be able to really have the opportunity to actually learn about their health and the benefits that can come from these types of practices,” Brown said, adding that yoga is one of the best ways to address chronic illness.

The Iowa Health Department is also providing free yoga classes for students who qualify.

“Yoga can be very therapeutic and a lot of the yoga is a way to make sure that we’re not getting our kids into situations that are not conducive to wellness,” said Michelle Burch, the program director for the health department.

The program at Kaledo Ranch is part in an ongoing collaboration between the Iowa Department of Human Services and the Iowa Children’s Health Center.

The Iowa Health department is providing funding for the classes.

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