‘This Is Us’ actress says her new show is about gender equality

As “This Is You,” an Emmy-nominated drama series set in an affluent Chicago suburb, stars Emily Blunt and John Cho, the series is about the struggles and triumphs of women in America, and the stories behind those struggles.

The series was created by a group of “This is Us” creators and is currently airing on Netflix.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Blunt said she wanted the series to be about the lives of women and how those lives affect them, rather than just how a certain gender feels.

“I wanted to be able to bring these issues of inequality, of inequality of power and privilege to the forefront, and make it the focus of the series,” Blunt explained.

“I wanted it to be an exploration of gender equality in a way that’s not just, ‘Oh, these people are the problem.’

I wanted it as a story about the everyday experiences of the people that are in the world, the everyday struggles of people, and not just their experiences.”

As a female comedian, Blunts experience has often been a source of comedy, and she said that when she came up with the idea of bringing the stories of women to the stage, she was able to see that her experiences could be relevant to what women experience as a part of the world.

“One of the things that I really struggled with is that I had to be funny, because I had this problem where I was just so uncomfortable, and it was a lot about my personal experience as an artist and performer,” Blunts said.

“Because I am an actress, I was so much more comfortable with not being funny, so I was more comfortable having the audience laugh with me.”

To make the series, the producers wanted to take their characters from the worlds of fiction and real life and show that women can have amazing, inspiring, and funny lives as well.

In the series’ opening sequence, the character of Molly is working as a sales rep at a cosmetics store.

After a few drinks, she falls asleep and wakes up to discover that her employer has been fired.

Molly goes to her manager, who tells her that she has been let go.

In a moment of vulnerability, Molly decides to tell her manager that she doesn’t know how to handle this situation and that she’s scared that she won’t be able get back on her feet.

As Molly struggles to come to terms with her new situation, she finds her new friend, Hannah, who is also working as sales rep.

They go to a bar to have drinks, and Hannah explains to Molly that her manager is trying to fire her for not being able to keep up with her sales.

The two of them start talking about the situation and the impact it’s had on their lives.

Molly’s manager says that she thinks Hannah’s “soul has been ripped out of her body.”

“I think it’s funny that it was such a personal moment for Hannah, but also a reflection of the work that we do,” Blushes said.

Blunt said that one of the most interesting things about the series was that it allowed them to tell the stories that are really relevant to women.

For example, Hannah’s experience of losing her job, as a young mother of two children, has impacted her life in ways that Molly has yet to fully comprehend.

Blunts also discussed the importance of being able for women to see themselves reflected in the work of the other women on the show.

“It’s interesting that it’s the women who are not in the story, who are the ones who are struggling and having those issues,” Bluns said.