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A health centre in the UK that has been shut down by police

A health care facility in the British capital has been closed by police due to the high number of patients who had their health records stolen.

The facility, called the Health and Wellbeing Centre, is owned by a private company and has been run by staff who have had their private health records exposed by the Metropolitan Police.

They have been using them for free, but have not been able to access them, according to the local paper the Daily Mail.

They were not able to get their health data back.

The Daily Mail reports that the police told the owners that it was their responsibility to have the records back but that they were being told by the company to stop doing so, with one police officer stating: “It’s not my job.”

The facility was supposed to be able to offer the services of a private health centre.

However, the company has not been allowed to do so.

The police told BBC News that the facility had been “blocked” and the owner had been told that he had “to stop doing business with them”.

Police were called after someone reported a “vast number of missing personal data” from staff at the health centre, according the paper.

“The Health and Community Care Centre, a London-based health and wellbeing centre, has been informed that there has been a breach of security and we are currently liaising with the police on the matter,” the police said in a statement.

“We will continue to assist the police with their investigation and will provide any further information as and when we can.”

The Health Centre is run by the Health Trust and has an operating budget of around £5 million.