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‘It’s been a really hard year’: ‘It hurts’ for Blair wellness center as they close

Posted January 26, 2018 07:09:59As a cancer survivor who suffers from arthritis and other physical disabilities, Blair Health in Eastmont, California, has experienced a steady decline in its revenue.

Its closure means Blair’s spine and wellness centre will close, leaving the center with just one employee.

The Blair Health website lists the health center as closed, with a phone number and a Facebook page for questions.

Its website states the business will be relocating to another facility.

In its statement, Blair states it is “devastated” by the loss of its “beloved” wellness center and believes that the closure of its facility is the right decision.

“Blair Health was a trusted resource for patients and caregivers who rely on Blair Health as their primary source of health care, and our employees and our community have relied on Blair for years,” Blair Health CEO Mark Sussman said in the statement.

“Blair has been a valued partner to our community and to the entire state of California.”

Blair’s closure leaves the state’s largest community health center and an established wellness center in disarray.

Blair was one of the first health centers to open in the United States, and it was one the first to offer care at no cost to the community.

Its popularity led to a nationwide expansion.

Blastar Health has been at the center of controversy in recent years, and some residents have filed complaints alleging the facility treats its patients differently than other community centers.

Blackens center has been open since 2011, and has treated patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.