Veterinarians urge people to stop using cat nip

Veterinarian Dr. John Buechler, who has worked with dogs, cats and other animals for more than 30 years, told TODAY TODAY he has seen too many people taking cat nips.

He told TODAY’s Kelly Ripa, “I just don’t want to see them using them as medicine.”

Bueichler, a veterinarian in Atlanta, said the cats who he treats most often aren’t well.

They have been treated with painkillers, corticosteroids, pain medications and medications to treat their chronic pain.

Bueiehler said the medication he gives them is usually a combination of drugs he’s seen prescribed by doctors.

He said cats should not be given nip, but instead, treat their pain with an oral solution or by putting it on their face.

Buesler said cats are also allergic to cat nippers.

“There is no evidence that cat nipping can be harmful,” he said.

Buhlman said there are plenty of other products out there for cats, including pain relievers, and he said he believes there are many people out there that are taking the product without realizing the potential dangers.

“They are not aware of what the potential risks are,” he told TODAY.

“The side effects include inflammation and swelling in the face, swelling of the lips and nose and ear, and a tendency to urinate on themselves.”

Buhleman said that, while he believes that cat-nip is safe, he also doesn’t recommend it for pets, especially children.

“For children, it can cause skin irritation and infection, and for adults it can be extremely uncomfortable,” he added.

“This is a potentially very serious situation.”

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