CAO, FSC leaders announce joint effort to create wellness center and community to improve health

Two prominent health care organizations and the California Osteopathic Association are announcing a joint effort aimed at helping people with osteoarthritis (OA) improve their health and wellness.

The Osteopaths’ Health & Fitness Association (OHA) and the Medical Society of California (MSC) will work together to develop a joint health care community that will help people with OA live more physically, mentally and socially.

Dr. Jennifer S. Kasten, chair of the California Academy of Osteopathy, said the new joint effort will be a model for all OA organizations, including osteopathic associations.

“Osteopathic medicine has an incredible track record of treating osteoarticular disease, but the community that we have now needs to be even more engaged and connected,” Kastel said.

“What we’re trying to do is connect with people in their communities and make sure they’re aware of the resources they have available and have access to those resources so they’re not left behind.”

The goal is to provide people with oarthritis with more options, including lifestyle changes, which Kaste said could include exercise, massage, and physical therapy.

Kasten said the OHA and MSC will coordinate the effort to ensure that people with mild or moderate OA are able to participate in the new community.

“I think the community of osteopaths is extremely supportive and they’re working to create a safe environment for the osteopath to practice medicine in,” Kesten said.

The joint effort comes as osteopathic medicine is undergoing a wave of changes in response to advances in osteoastritis, a disease caused by inflammation in the spine.

In addition to the OOA Association’s announcement, the California Department of Public Health has said it will create a joint osteopathic care community.

Kosten said there are several key aspects to the new initiative.

“First, we are bringing together the Osteodermics’ Health and Fitness Association, MSC and osteopathic physicians to create an OA-friendly, healthy, and compassionate community,” she said.

She said the goal is for the OTA to be the driving force behind the joint effort.

“The goal of the joint venture is to build a community that is more supportive of the osteopathic physician and the osteoathlete, and also to provide a pathway for the medical profession to be involved.”

Kastel noted that the osteopathy community needs to work together, but stressed the need for a strong leadership role.

“As we become more connected, we’re going to have to become more accountable and more accountable to each other,” she added.

The new partnership will take place at the new San Jose Osteoporosis Foundation.

The OHA is the largest osteopathic association in the country, with more than 40,000 members.

Kusten said that while osteopathic organizations have long worked together to provide resources and support, she hopes this new joint venture will help bring together the two largest organizations in the state.

“We want to work with the OCA, and the MSCA, to make sure that they are engaged with the osteoporotic community,” Kusten explained.

Kesten and Kastan said they hope to work collaboratively with the California State Osteoarthrosis Foundation to support and develop the joint community.