How to get a free $25 rebate from the Veterans Affairs health care portal

Veterans Affairs Health Care Services is offering a $25 off rebate to veterans and their families who use its Veterans Affairs wellness centers.

The offer is available to all eligible members of the Veterans Benefits Management (VBM) group, including military personnel, their dependents and those who have received compensation or compensation from another source.

Veterans who are eligible for the rebate include veterans who:Have a current VA disability or service-connected disability;are currently receiving VA medical care through a Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) provider;are eligible to receive Veterans Affairs disability compensation (VAC) under the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administrative Payment Program (VAWA);are receiving VA disability compensation under the VBM program;are on active duty;are in the Armed Forces;are a veteran of the United States armed forces;are stationed at a Veterans Affairs facility;are an active duty member of the Armed Services or Reserve;are receiving disability compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs;are living with a veteran who has been disabled by a service-related condition;are the spouse or partner of a veteran or veteran spouse who has received VA disability pay;are veterans or their dependants who live with a surviving spouse;are married or cohabiting and have at least one dependent child;are single;are military personnel;are serving in the military;are Veterans Affairs contractors;are members of a Veteran Care Association;are enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration Health Care Management System (VHAHS);are veterans enrolled in VA health care services;are registered to vote;are disabled veterans;are retired;are blind;are elderly;are persons with disabilities;are individuals with disabilities or their surviving spouses;are dependent children;are children under the age of 18;are students or those in postsecondary educational programs;are attending or attending school;are retirees;are employees of an employer;are former military personnel who have not been discharged from active duty or who are retired and do not qualify for VA disability.

All veterans eligible for VA wellness benefits must enroll in the VHAHS program.

VHASS is an interagency program created by the Veterans Services Administration to manage the health care of veterans, their families and their dependant care facilities.

To qualify for the VA wellness program, veterans must:Be a veteran;have a disability;be on active military duty or in the reserve components;have an active VA disability account, a VA retirement plan or a VA disability pension account;be enrolled in a VA health plan;be a veteran, a surviving child or a dependent person of a deceased veteran or surviving spouse or dependant;are classified as disabled by the VVAHSS;are entitled to receive VA health compensation;or have received VA medical or compensation, or both, from another VA entity.

If a veteran is receiving a VA medical compensation, they must also be enrolled in an eligible VA medical service (ES) program.

Veterans with disabilities must be in good health and have completed their eligible VA disability and military service eligibility periods.

They must be enrolled on a VA service-disabled veteran (SDV) program or a VHASS SDV program.

If a veteran has a disability, they are eligible to apply for VA health benefits through the VA Health Care Administration (VHCA) to be paid through the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBAC).

The VHAISDVA, VBM, VBS and VHAX programs are also eligible to offer the rebate.

Veteran services can be provided to a family member of a VBM member who is enrolled in either a VA or VBA program or enrolled in VBS or VBSS programs.

The rebate applies to all services provided in VA and VBA health care settings.

Anyone who has a qualifying condition that requires them to receive a VA benefits check may also apply for a VA wellness rebate.

The VBA is also offering the Veterans and Dependent Care Service Rebate Program (VBDRS), which will apply to all Veterans and their Dependent Children (VDC) eligible for Veterans Benefits Services (VBS).VBS is a Veterans Health Benefits Administration-managed health care system that provides health care to VA-eligible veterans and service-disabled dependents in the VA-funded Health Care Care Management Systems (VHSCS).VBIESDVA and VBAC are also offering Veterans and the Dependent Child Service Rebates Program (VDCBRS), and VBIES and VBS are offering VBBS Rebates for Veterans and Veterans’ Children (VVBCS).

Veteran wellness providers may also offer VA benefits.

Benefits are payable to the VA in cash or in-kind.

Service members may use a VA Benefits Management Account (VBA) to access the Veterans Choice, Veterans Care and Service Program (VCSS)