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How to Get Out of Bed and Into the Gym

What if you want to stay active and not be rushed into a workout?

You’ll find some easy exercises that will get you in the gym, but they’ll take a while to master.

Here are five easy routines that will help you stay on track.


The Shot Put The Shot put is a classic and one that will always be in demand.

If you’re new to the sport, this is the perfect way to get your legs moving.

Simply take a shot from your hip and aim for the top of your target.

Keep in mind that you need to aim for a target at the top so that you’ll be able to land the shot.


The Pistol Push The Pistol push is a very effective technique for staying in the game and staying focused on the goal.

The goal here is to push yourself to your maximum effort level without letting your mind wander.

If your mind wanders, just repeat the same steps.


The Dumbbell Curl Once you’ve mastered the Pistol push and the Dumbbell curl, you can move on to the other two exercises.

The first one is for those of you who are already in the habit of pushing yourself and are not yet at the level of the dumbbell curl.

The dumbbell push is essentially a push up on your left side, with the dumbell facing forward and the shoulder blades pointed at your chest.

Start by keeping your left arm straight, then place your left foot on the floor.

Slowly raise your right leg off the floor and repeat.

While you’re doing this, try to keep your shoulders and hips straight, and do not let your head move.

As you start to pull your hips up and pull the dumbells back down, slowly let your arms relax.

When you feel your shoulders relax, you’re ready to push them back down.

Repeat this several times until you can perform the dumb bar push.


The Standing Barbell Curls Standing barbell curls are a great exercise for getting into the gym without having to leave the house.

Start with a dumbbell on your right side and pull yourself up by using only one hand.

If the dumb is right next to your right shoulder, you’ll find that you can use just one hand to pull yourself.

If it’s on your side, you will need to use both hands to pull you up.

The only time you need your arms to move is when you are trying to get into the groove of the exercise.

If that happens, you may need to change your grip so that your left hand is pointing up.

This is easy to do by lifting your right arm straight and your left wrist down.

Once you can complete this exercise, keep going in a straight line, starting from the right shoulder.

Then try to push your arms back down by keeping them straight and squeezing your shoulders.

Once your arms are back down to their starting position, switch to the dumb bell and pull your arms up to the top position.

The next step is to slowly pull your dumbbells back down until you are pushing them up to your chest, with your arms straight and with your shoulders relaxed.

Try to keep the dumb bells down for this step, but it’s up to you to keep pushing yourself to reach that chest.

When your arms start to get up to a point where you can pull them back, you are ready to do the left arm pull, with one hand on the dumb and one hand at the bottom of the bar.

Try not to let your shoulders sag as you pull your bar up.

After you have done this exercise several times, start to add some dumbbell curls to the rotation.

Once that is done, try pulling your dumb bells up again, but this time using both hands.

You should now be pulling your barbells up to that top position with just one arm, without your shoulders falling.

This should be a quick, easy workout.


The Bench Press Bench press is one of the best exercises for improving your chest strength.

It’s a combination of the bench press and dumbbell bench press that we mentioned earlier.

This exercise will help your chest and triceps to grow and develop more.

Start out by doing a dumb bell bench press.

As your weight gets higher, keep increasing the weight until you’re reaching the top.

The point at which you are starting to feel like your chest is going to explode is when the dumb weights are pulling you up, so be sure to keep doing the dumb-bell bench presses.

As a last exercise, try adding the dumb push press.

Keep pushing your chest up, and keep pulling the dumb plates down, until you have completed a complete rotation.

Do this for 30-45 seconds, and then move on. 6.

The Military Press The Military press is a great combination of your chest building and your triceps strengthening.

This move is a little more advanced than the bench push, and it’s a little easier to do in the weight room