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How to get a ‘perfect’ yoga session at a ‘super-premium’ health spa

A super-premier yoga studio in the Las Vegas strip is offering free yoga classes and a full wellness center for a fee.

Yoga classes at the Infinity Spa, located on Sunset Boulevard, cost $75 a month.

For $75, students can get two classes and for $80, students get three classes.

Infinity Spa is located on the top floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, a former nightclub and casino.

The wellness center is a full-service spa.

The studio was originally set up in the early 2000s by Yoga Studio and Fitness in Los Angeles.

Yoga Studio has since moved to Las Vegas.

Infinity’s wellness center also features a gym and a fitness center, along with an inflatable raft.

Infinity spa is offering a ‘beauty yoga’ class for $50 a day.

Yoga studios are not cheap, and many people who are looking for a quick workout and fitness class might be disappointed.

A yoga studio at Infinity Spa in Las Vegas, with free yoga and a wellness center.

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