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BID to buy a new medical-device company is in the works

The health care and technology company BID is reportedly in talks with a medical device company to buy an existing company for a $3 billion cash investment, a source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

The bid, which would be subject to approval by the boards of the companies and the board of directors of BID, would be announced at the company’s annual meeting on Jan. 15, the source said.

The deal would be a first for BID.

The company has been in talks for several months about buying out the company, which was spun off in 2016 from its medical-tech arm.

The two companies have been at odds over the past year.

The stakes are high.

The medical-care industry, already struggling to retain key staff and attract investors, has seen a slowdown in the number of new products coming on the market.

BID has been looking for a way to bolster its business as its medical device business has slowed, while its pharmaceuticals have also seen steep declines.

The BID-Medtronic merger could be the start of a bigger trend.

Bid’s health care unit is already one of the top 10-largest private-sector health care companies, with revenue of more than $11 billion.

The transaction would also give BID a financial foothold in the private sector, where the company has invested in research and development.

The health-care sector is also home to some of the fastest-growing healthcare tech companies.