Tufts student center gets $300K from Tufts University for mental health coverage

Tufts Medical Center announced on Thursday it will receive $300,000 in state funding for its Tufts Student Health Center.

The funding will go toward providing free or low-cost mental health services to patients with a diagnosis of a mental illness.

The center has been a model for other Tufts hospitals in the region to offer similar services to their own patients.

It also has become a model to help other schools improve their mental health.

Tufts Health, which is a subsidiary of Tufts Health Partners, will use the funds to pay for patient care, and will also invest in technology that can help it improve the care and prevention of mental health issues, according to a news release from the hospital.

The Tufts Center for Mental Health Services will be the first mental health facility in the nation to receive funding from the state, which began accepting bids in June to open a mental health center in Boston.

The announcement comes after the state in April gave $7.5 million to the Tufts center to open up to six additional clinics.

That money will help the Tuft Health Center expand to the suburbs of Boston, which will be a significant economic area for the state.