Mango Springs resort on brink of collapse

Mango Spring Resort is on the brink of collapsing and the Mango County Health Department has ordered its evacuation.

The resort has been closed for two weeks and the county has been forced to call in the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help in evacuating residents and businesses.

The Mango Falls Resort has already been closed to visitors for over two weeks, with the resort being one of the first resorts to close.

The state health department said that on Monday, the resort was placed under an emergency evacuation order due to a health emergency.

Emergency officials have been working with Mango Resort to get the resort reopened as soon as possible.

Mango Springs is one of Mango’s four resorts, and it was the third resort closed by the county.

The county is also concerned about the health of people who are staying at Mango, and they are considering closing the resort to the public, the state health Department said in a statement.

The closure comes after the state received numerous reports of residents and visitors getting sick and dying from the coronavirus, including some from Mango.

Officials in Mango are also worried about the possibility that the virus could spread through Mango as well, and Mango has asked the county to keep the county out of the air conditioning business as well as the drinking water supply.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the majority of the people who died from the virus have been infected in the Manna Valley area.

The county has not issued any alerts regarding the outbreak at Manna Falls.

The CDC said that about 5,000 people have been diagnosed with the coronivirus.