How to save on your monthly rent at Riverside Wellness Center

A lot of people think they can get a better deal at a wellness center in downtown Los Angeles, but if you’re not paying for the privilege, you could be breaking the law, according to a report from Los Angeles County’s attorney.

“You have a health care facility where people are using drugs, and they’re not getting the same care as if they were at a regular hospital,” said L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Steve Schramm.

“It’s an illegal use of public funds.”

Read more The center charges $3,000 to $7,000 a month for health care, but the county doesn’t regulate it and doesn’t have to pay for it.

But there are other problems.

One of the center’s two licensed physicians, who was not licensed, was under investigation for “unprofessional conduct,” according to court documents.

“I think that there’s a concern that there could be a breach of the patient-physician relationship and a potential violation of HIPAA,” Schramms told Fortune.

“There’s no regulation in place that would prohibit that.

It’s something that I would be interested in knowing more about.”

A few weeks ago, a group of activists in the city of Los Angeles gathered at a restaurant near the center and called for a boycott of the health center, and the center has since canceled its scheduled events.

(The clinic is owned by the City of Los Angles.)

The city of L.D. has already taken action, as has the city attorney, who is suing the center for $1.8 million in damages and for violating the Patients Rights Act.

Schrammy said he’s confident that Los Angeles will prevail.

“If there’s any evidence that there is, we’ll pursue that,” he said.

“We’ll see where we can go.”