Why a ‘zombie apocalypse’ could be good for cannabis tourism

A “zombie” apocalypse could be a boon for cannabis tourists, according to a report from Zoe Wellness Center.

According to the report, a “zoe wellness” clinic opened in the Colorado city of Denver, and its patients are now seeking to bring their own plants into the city for medical use.

“People have been doing that for years now, and I think they have found it helpful,” dispensary owner Matt Pritchard told the Denver Post.

“It’s been a lot of fun.”

While the company claims that its patients have experienced “frenzied” cannabis consumption, Pritch also said that the facility is currently struggling to stay afloat, owing to the price of cannabis.

“We’re kind of in a limbo here,” he told the Post.

The report suggests that “zoom in on the word ‘zoe’ and it can also be used to refer to a cannabis-based product.

“And it’s not just cannabis, either. “

Zoe wellness centres have grown in popularity in the last few years,” Pritcht told the newspaper.

“And it’s not just cannabis, either.

There’s also an organic food company called Vapehouse that’s been operating in Denver.”

In October, a spokesperson for VapeHouse said that its clients include a “number of cannabis and herbal medicine manufacturers”.