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How to Make a Healthy Snack Before the Holiday!

by Sarah E. Pizzey, MD, RD and Sarah A. Mazzola, PhD, RD article In this edition of The Healthy Snacks Podcast, we delve into the benefits of eating healthy during the holiday season.

We also discuss a healthy snack that is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

With all of these healthy ingredients, you’re guaranteed to feel great!

In this episode, we talk with the experts on how to make the perfect Snack for your Holiday.

Topics include: The perfect Snacks Recipe – the best and the worst!

The best Snacks for the Holidays – the new and the old.

The most healthy and nutritious Snacks you can buy for the holidays!

The Best Holiday Snacks You Should Try on your Holidays This episode is brought to you by: The – the official wellness resource for all things health.