Traditional wellness center in Waco set to close for $1.5 million renovation

A new, $1,500-per-day, community wellness center is set to open at Tanglewood Community Center in Wubbels, Texas, on June 1.

The new facility will be located on the former Tanglewater Community Center property, which was purchased by a developer who has been working on a multi-million dollar project for several years.

Tanglewood has long been one of the most popular places for people to get wellness services, and the new facility, which will have a reception room and full kitchen, will provide the same type of services as the one located at Tanger Outreach in Dallas.

According to the new center’s website, the new health center will offer a variety of wellness and wellness-related services.

The site also says the new wellness center will have an expanded fitness center, new classes, new events, and a new board game room.

Tangwicks website says the facility will open with a grand opening celebration on June 7.