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Which students are at risk for dental problems due to dental health issues?

KIRO 7 has learned the first state-funded dental wellness center is located in the District of Columbia.

Kohl’s has an office in the nation’s capital.

It is the first dental center that is funded by the federal government.

The center is part of a partnership between the University of Washington and the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit dental health care organization Dental Health Services.

The dental wellness centers provide free dental care and dental education.

They are funded by Medicaid, which is funded through state and local governments.

The Dental Service Network (DSN) and the Dental Centers of America (DCNA) are the state’s two primary dental health programs.

Both of these organizations provide free services to low-income residents of the District.

The state has funded the centers for two years, according to an email sent to KIRO7 by DSN director of community health, Lisa O’Brien.

The program is now expanding to other cities in the state, O’Brien said.

It’s one of the largest programs in the country, she said.

“It’s a tremendous program, it’s a partnership of DSN and DCNA,” she said, referring to the state-wide dental health program.KIRO 7 asked DSN what it did to find the new dental wellness office.

The agency did not respond to requests for comment.

The Center for Dental Excellence at the University District of Washington will provide free, high-quality dental care to patients, KIRO reported.

The center’s new dental health center will open in the Washington area this spring.

The University District’s Dental Services Program (DSSP) operates an outpatient dental clinic in the city’s Center for the Study of Dental Trauma and Health.

Dental Services Director Sarah Smith said she expects the center to receive more than $200,000 in federal funding this year.

The dental services center will offer dental care for low- and moderate-income patients.DSP operates its own dental health clinic, but DSN will work with the dental center to expand its dental services.

The program will also provide free dentures to patients.

The city has been seeking $250,000 for the dental health centers, according the email sent by Smith to KIOW.

The money will help cover the cost of installing a new dental office.

Smith said the dental wellness offices will be open throughout the year.

She said DSN is “fully committed to the dental care that we offer to our patients, both here in the region and beyond.”

In October, the University’s Doral Services Program opened an outpatient clinic in Kirkland, Washington.

The university also launched a dental health service center in Kirkwood, Washington in June.

The Kirkwood Dental Center was built on land donated by the University.