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What we know about Eastmont’s new $30 million wellness center

Posted October 09, 2018 05:14:07Eastmont’s wellness center will be the first health center in New Jersey to be powered by solar energy, but that won’t be enough for many residents.

The new health center will feature two large, glass-walled, solar-powered buildings on the Eastmont property, and residents will be able to pay for their own solar panels.

The wellness center also will be home to a fitness center, a bar and a movie theater.

A community lounge will be located in the lobby.

The Westbury community center was built on land that once served as a former Army base, but it is being converted into a community-based medical center.

The medical center, which opened in 2016, will have about 1,000 beds.

In 2015, Eastmont opened a $3 million fitness center for the community near the Westbury Community Center, which was built by the nonprofit Eastmont Health, according to Eastmont spokeswoman Sarah Sperling.

The facility opened with a screening of films and videos, and the community members received a certificate of fitness, Spering said.

The fitness center is being built on the site of an Army base once used as a base for the U.S. Air Force, but the Westchester County government has not approved a new use of the land.

Sperling said the Westwood Health Center is expected to open by September 2020.